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Crime Solving For Beginners

Crime Solving For Beginners Work: Full Sound service - Location…

Crime Solving For Beginners

Work: Full Sound service – Location sound, Foley recordings, Dialogue edit, ADR, Sound directing, Music Mix, Film Mix in Dolby Atmos, M&E delivery

Crime drama miniseries based on Andra Kolberga; crime novel “Looking for a woman” (Don’t call for me, don’t look for me!, Life of a Soviet secret agent, 1996)

Crime Solving For Beginners was nominated in 7 national film award “Lielais Kristaps” categories and received the prize as the best multi-series film and for the best script. Music from this film received Silver place in “Global Music Awards” for the best original music in multi-series films.

Film Studio: Red Dot Media
Producer: Arta Ģiga
Director: Armands Zvirbulis

Sound Directors: Jānis Eglītis, Kārlis Zvejnieks
Location Sound: Jānis Līde, Arturs Skujiņš Meijiņš, Jānis Eglītis, Otto Auniņš
Foley and Sound Design: Jānis Līde
Film Score: Titas Petrikis

Co-Producers: Lukas Trimonis, Ivans Razinkovs / Inscript, ChBK films